Some of us have been hangin' out
at Mossy's in Clemmons......Well, it
didn't take long to notice, they
didn't have Dickel.
A mere quick chat and a respectful
request to the manager for Dickel
was all it took. What could be better, Great food...Great atmosphere...and Dickel!....
We thank Maggie for the wonderful photo holding our "Pride & Joy" and for the wonderful smile. You gotta ckeck'em out! I promise you won't regret it!


We Found A New Place!

The old Staley's Restaurant is open under a new name.
The new name is "Old Staley's" ...Makes good sense to me!
The biggest thing that impressed me, other than the great food, they have Dickel....My suggestions..Go to the bar...ask for Ashley...Then ask for "Dickel"...
You won't regret it!
They even have our "George Dickel Red Cup Society" card taped to the mirror,
just above the Dickel!


"Ole' Whitey" Is Broken!

Per Dano....That strange grinding noise I've been hearing, on the
last two trips....was my transmission! I'm not the most gentle
person with her, and she's given me very little trouble...but like
any female....she decided she wanted my un-divided attention!
......and wants me to spend a little money on her! Well, she's
gettin' her wish. Dano said she would be "Good To Go", mid
week, and several dollars to boot! A bonus to her and me, we're
gettin' a six speed in lieu of our old five speed....Something we can
enjoy together!


Lookin' Forward To New England

The last time I made this trip
it cost me a few bucks. I saw this
covered bridge, typical setting
in New England, and had to have
one at my place....I think I'll just
enjoy the scenery as opposed to
collecting inspiration this time!


One Of Those Special Moments!

To most people this wouldn't
be a big deal. But for me...I
am so thankful I had the
opportunity to say
His legacy lives on with me!


The Supply Finally Ran Low!

It's been a little over 3 years since I have bought any Ole' #8
at the liquor store. Some may remember I stocked up fairly
well when I heard there could be a short term shortage.
Well, 60 some odd gallons has ran through the barrel
here in the garage, and the supply was starting to drop.
So, it was time to return to the liquor store!
I asked the clerk if he had 4 cases in the back.
He locked his register and poceeded to the back stock room.
Then he came out with a couple of boxes and started pullin'
it off the shelves too. I told him I would be OK to finish
out my order next week but he responded,
"No, we're here to sell liquor". I explained, it would make me
feel bad if a fellow drinker came in and it was all gone.

Well, wouldn't you know it. David Marshall wasn't 15 minutes
behind me in goin' to the liquor store. He stopped by the
garage to give me crap, while laughin' the whole time.
He told me he knew when he saw the empty shelf, he knew who it was!
The good thing is, he knows where to find some if he needs more...
Just thought that story was worth sharin'..................8D


"Ole' Whitey" Turns 50

The "White Bike" as it's sometimes called,
turned 50 K on this last trip to Florida.
It seemed appropriate to celebrate a little.
This ole' gal has been good to me!

She owes me 4 more states, only then will we
discuss her retirement!


My Carving Adventure!

I took an old log I got from Keith
And decided to try my hand at "Chainsaw Carving"

I'll keep you posted on the progress! Any idea where
we're headin' with this?

A Little Fine tuning!

We're All In! As Finished As We're Gonna Get!


Got 2 Left, Gonna Get'em This Year!

My Personal Quest Has Been To Visit All 48 States Via My Motorcycle. I've Been Fortunate Enough To Have Achieved 46 To Date. The Only Problem Is, The Last 2 Are Way The Hell Away!
So I Guess I've Got Some Ridin' To Do, Huh!

This July we will travel cross country, 7000 miles and pick up
the last two remaining states (Oregon & Washington)
Each Trip Has Been An Adventure In Itself, And Some Unforgetable Memories. Although These Last 2 Are Far Away, I'm Gonna Have A Ball Knocking Them Out. Might Be A Red Cup Or Two Along The Way As Well!


Red Cup Acknowledgment

I can’t think of anybody in the Red Cup group that doesn’t like the Zac Brown Band. I have friends (Jeff & Lisa Cranfill) that are around the group frequently. Using the “Help A Brother Out” ploy, I asked for a pic of Zac with a “Red Cup." Being the great people they are, they came through. Just as they did with the Darius Rucker pic in the spring. Now we're shooting for a few more "Celebs" they hang out with! I like surprises, don't you?

Thanks, Zac, Lisa, & Jeff! - Kenny



Welcome, GDRCS Members and Fans!

The new website (http://www.georgedickelrcs.com) is now live! We're excited about the new site and have plans to add more to it as time goes by. The best way to navigate this site is with a "Red Cup" and a bottle of Ole' No#8. Laugh with us, be a part of our fun, and enjoy the simple things in life right along with us. Thanks for droppin' in! - Kenny