The Supply Finally Ran Low!

It's been a little over 3 years since I have bought any Ole' #8
at the liquor store. Some may remember I stocked up fairly
well when I heard there could be a short term shortage.
Well, 60 some odd gallons has ran through the barrel
here in the garage, and the supply was starting to drop.
So, it was time to return to the liquor store!
I asked the clerk if he had 4 cases in the back.
He locked his register and poceeded to the back stock room.
Then he came out with a couple of boxes and started pullin'
it off the shelves too. I told him I would be OK to finish
out my order next week but he responded,
"No, we're here to sell liquor". I explained, it would make me
feel bad if a fellow drinker came in and it was all gone.

Well, wouldn't you know it. David Marshall wasn't 15 minutes
behind me in goin' to the liquor store. He stopped by the
garage to give me crap, while laughin' the whole time.
He told me he knew when he saw the empty shelf, he knew who it was!
The good thing is, he knows where to find some if he needs more...
Just thought that story was worth sharin'..................8D

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